We pride ourselves in our professional approach to yacht deliveries. Our professional skippers strive to complete the safe and efficient delivery of every yacht we handle and every single boat we deliver is handled with kid gloves. Our Captains are all licensed by the USCG and are familiar with most systems found on board today. 

PYD will never "push the vessel" or rush a delivery unless absolutely necessary for the safety of the crew and the vessel. If heading out to sea is the prudent decision to avoid dangerous weather or coast lines, we will do so. If ducking into a protected harbor to ride out a storm is the right thing to do, we will do that as well. We are professional sailors with lots of experience and will always put the care and safety of your pride and joy as our highest priority.

Whether you want your vessel delivered down the coast or across an ocean, PYD will provide you the same professional care, reliability, and safety in every delivery made.

Areas of Operation

We currently have Skippers and crew that are familiar with the US East Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean, US West Coast, Mexico, Panama, Central America and Canada's West Coast to Alaska as well as Indonesia. We can also deliver trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific. We keep in touch with skippers and crews from all parts of the world so if we don't have a knowledgeable skipper for the areas in which you wish to sail, we can usually find one that is reputable, knowledgeable and trustworthy for you.

Professional Captains and Crew

Our captains have a USCG 100T Master's license or better. They also have more than 20 years of experience overall and at least five years experience in the waters of the related delivery. They are honest and prudent sailors that will never take unnecessary risks with your boat.

Fair and Transparent Fees

Our delivery fees and associated costs are not the lowest in this business, but they are certainly competitive for what you get. We are completely transparent and upfront with all our fees and estimated costs. A written estimate will be provided before you make a commitment to use our services.

Local Knowledge

Our delivery skippers and crews all have a solid knowledge of the local waters they will be sailing in. They are also up to date with all foreign customs, laws and regulations of the local countries and ports of call.

Our Service

Every delivery begins with an estimate of the delivery. We will send you a questionnaire that will help us develop the estimate. If the estimate is accepted, we will provide a sailing contract and a quote for our fees along with payment terms.

The next step is an inspection of your vessel. We do charge for this service but will wave this fee if you have a current USCG Inspection Certificate. Nevertheless, we need to be confident that the vessel is capable of making the journey at hand as well as familiarize ourselves with the vessel and its equipment. We may make a recommendation to repair certain items or remedy certain deficiencies. An estimate of this work will also be provided if necessary and, if approved, performed before departure.

Once we are comfortable that the vessel seaworthy and safe to sail, we will provide a final sailing plan with our predictions of weather and contingencies. While underway, if something breaks, we will attempt to repair it ourselves. If necessary, we may have to pull into an appropriate port and hire the necessary work. This will also be done with the owners full approval.

We will make every attempt to reduce stress on your boat by avoiding bad weather, holing up or even heaving to. If the seas are rough we slow down so the vessel doesn't pound (we like to sleep, too!) We are never in a hurry with our deliveries unless the weather forces us do so.

On arrival, we will make all the necessary reports to the local officials and clear the vessel for sailing in the local waters. We will also perform a thorough wash down of the exterior and clean the interior leaving the vessel in as good a condition as possible.