Delivery Rates

How We Estimate Our Fees

Delivery fees are usually calculated in one of three ways: By the mile, by the day and as a fixed cost. The first and last options often "encourage" the delivery crew to push the boat so that their effective day rates are higher or so they can get on to the next delivery and make more money. At PYD we only charge by the day. This encourages our skippers and crew to take a conservative approach to weather and sea conditions and discourages unnecessary risks. All of our captains are very professional and do not linger in any port without good reason. A log is kept and all delays are well documented.

We generally charge anywhere from about $300 to $500 per day, depending on the specific captains license, the size of the boat and whether it is a power or sail boat. We will match the appropriate license with the size and type of vessel. For example, we will not provide a captain with a 1600T license at $500/day to deliver a 36 foot sailboat.

If we are making a delivery that takes more than a day, then we will add crew as necessary. Deliveries lasting more than four or five days usually require two extra crew so every member of the delivery crew can get enough sleep while always maintaining an adequate watch. Same day deliveries can often be handled by one person.

All crew travel to and from the vessel are the responsibility of the owner. If the crew lives within 50 miles of the vessel, then travel expenses are waived. We charge $45 per day per crew member for provisions and we estimate the costs of fuel, port fees (customs, immigration, slip/mooring fees) and other necessary fees which must be paid in advance.

By way of example, here's how we might price a delivery of a 36 foot sailboat from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Marina Del Rey, California - a trip of about 1100 nm.

At a cruising speed of 6 knots, traveling day and night, this trip would take about eight days of straight line sailing time. Add in a day for refueling and re-provisioning for stops in Cabo San Lucas and Turtle Bay, checking out in Ensenada and checking in in San Diego, this trip could easily take 12 days without any unplanned delays and good weather. However, sailing north along the west coast of Baja California is against the prevailing winds and waves, so straight line sailing is not always possible and can add a few more days to the trip.

So, with a $300/day captain and two crew at $100/day, just the delivery fees could be 6-7 thousand dollars. Provisioning would cost about $900-$1100. Port fees typically cost around $300 depending on the day and time of arrival. In the worse case scenario of having to motor the entire way (assuming about 1 gph fuel consumption rate and diesel fuel at $4.00/gal) fuel costs would be about $730.

Flights for three crew from LAX to PV might be around $600.

So, all in, this example might cost the owner around $9500 dollars (less any fuel savings from actual sailing).

You can also use our handy Delivery Cost Estimator to estimate the cost of a delivery yourself.

I hope that helps explain how our fees are calculated and estimated. Fair winds and if we can be of further assistance please feel free to contact us.